CASCAS was a European project meant to champion intercultural understanding and provide professionals in the fields of street arts and circus the opportunity to explore different cultural contexts, share models of good practice, make new connections and challenge accepted wisdom. The project took place May 2010 – November 2011.

By arranging tours within four countries (Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium and Finland) CASCAS encouraged the exchange of ideas and expertise across Europe, with the aim of assisting people in the circus and street arts industries to further develop their working knowledge and allow them to be inspired by practices in other contexts.

Each project partner facilitated a 6-day tour of their country that enabled 8 selected participants to discover this location and meet the key players of circus and street arts. Four tours were organised in 2011: in Sweden (14-19 February), in United Kingdom and Ireland (25 June -3 July), in Belgium (17 -23 July) and in Finland (30 Aug – 4 Sep).

Each tour included beneficiaries from Europe, and the tours were open to artists, producers, company managers, critics, presenters, technicians and researchers. The call for applicants was spread all around Europe during November 2010.

For each of the four countries a booklet is published, giving an overview of the cultural policy, infrastructure and local context of circus and street arts, as well as case studies of nationally significant artistic projects.

These “street arts and circus briefings” provide written information for those who wish to work in or with circus and street arts professionals within each of the four partners countries, to facilitate reciprocal exchange of information with the aim of developing additional partnerships across Europe.

The briefings can be downloaded from this website, click “DOWNLOADS”.

A researcher escorted each of the four tours, gathering interviews with participants, meeting with relevant professionals and collecting information on the venues and institutions visited. A book on the individual and collective findings on the project has been published.

CASCAS was a European project led by four partners, each of whom provide information and advice on the circus and street arts at a national level. The partners are Subtopia (Sweden), Circus Development Agency (UK), MiramirO (Belgium) and Finnish Circus Information Center (Finland).

The project was supported by the Culture programme of the European Commission. An application for a new project has been submitted to the European Commission in Oct 2011, this time with organisations in 8 countries as partners: Subtopia in Sweden, Finnish Circus Info Center in Finland, Circus Development Agency in UK, MiramirO in Belgium, Circo Circolo in Holland, Mala Performerska Scena in Croatia, La Grainerie in France and TOHU in Canada/Quebec. In March 2012 we will know if there will be a new CASCAS project in 2012-2013, or not.

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