By arranging tours within the four countries (Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium and Finland) CASCAS encouraged the exchange of ideas and expertise across Europe, with the aim of assisting people in the circus and street arts industries to further develop their working knowledge and allow them to be inspired by practices in other contexts.

Each project partner facilitated a 6-day tour of their country that enabled 8 selected participants to discover this location and meet the key players of circus and street arts. Four tours were organised in 2011: in Sweden (14-19 February), in United Kingdom (25 June-3 July), in Belgium (17 -23 July) and in Finland (30 Aug – 4 Sep). In the country specific info you can read details on the contents of each tour.

The tours included beneficiaries from Europe and were open to artists, producers, company managers, critics, presenters, technicians and researchers. The call for applicants was spread all around Europe during November 2010. 254 applications where correctly filled in and sent to CASCAS. In the country specific info you can see who participated in each tour.

Check out the tours in Sweden (here), United Kingdom (here), Belgium (here) and Finland (here)

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